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Macallan Construction is committed to honoring the legacy of the region’s architectural history. We strongly support the restoration of historically significant structures and have undertaken a number of projects over the years with stringent historical restoration requirements.

Our primary mission has been to produce elegant, integrated solutions in the widest range of historic materials. We believe that the most satisfactory and efficient plans for historic restoration are a compromise between the needs of our client and the intent of the original builder. We are prepared to produce sound, reliable work from old photographs, client drawings and even from salvaged historic fragments. We are always willing to share our extensive field experience with both owners and architects on an informal basis. However, clients often find it most cost effective to bring us into the design process early, as consultants, to establish realistic budgets and schedules.

The most significant historical restoration project was The Bricks in Roswell, Ga. The original structure was built in 1838 and served as a hospital during the Civil War. It featured a designation as the oldest apartment building in the United States and originally housed mill workers near the Roswell Mill. When Macallan purchased The Bricks in 2005, we partnered with designer Lew Oliver and the Roswell Historical Preservation Commission to develop a plan that preserved the integrity of the original Bricks structure while making the property useable for 21st century tenants. We faced many challenges in the construction of this project but successfully overcame them and developed an outstanding example of historical restoration. As a result, Macallan was recognized with a Contractor of the Year Award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Other historic restoration projects Macallan has undertaken in recent years include a single familytudor style residence in the Garden Hills neighborhood of Buckhead and a major condominium renovation at the historic Neel Reid designed Della Manta/One South Prado building in the Ansley Park neighborhood of Midtown. This is the building where Margaret Mitchell resided up until her death.